Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dragonica Insider Episode 11- BBQ Chicken Wing

Join Jason and Joey as well as three wanna be co-hosts Chris, Fox, and Kenny as they talk about the different Dragonica servers, new ideas, news on the servers and have Kenny sing in the podcast!

Dragonica Insider Preview- Kenny's Chicken Wing

Kenny sang a song on the podcast and we decided to make it a mp3 by itself.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dragonica Insider Episode 10- So long and thanks for all the fish

Joey & Jason return and with them we have Dane & Travis, we talk about keeping your mind oh track...OH A BUTTERFLY...flying mounts, socks, Caleb leaving us, and the secret classes!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dragonica Insider Attacks THQ*Ice content

Recently I was asked by THQ*Ice, as mentioned in episode nine of Dragonica Insider, to preview their 2nd continent. A few small problems occurred but THQ was more than willing to help me out with the problems as they happened. The new continent has a lot to offer players of Dragonica. The biggest aspect was that 3rd job would be open for everyone. New skills, new weapons, and new armor waited for them as they dawned the 3rd job. Monsters and bosses become little challenge now and players will be able to explore more of the beautiful world that was

While I was testing I was asked many times when it would be released, thinking I was perhaps a GM I always told the players I was a beta tester and was checking out the second continent, I felt the community was very excited for the new content and they wanted me to tell them everything about it. I was lucky enough to talk with the second highest level in the game and he helped give me some gold which helped a great deal in fixing my weapon, buying some armor, and buying some pots. I can tell from the players kindness towards me that THQ has a very good grip on this game and I can see great things for them.

Now the actual game play is exactly what I expected for the new continent. I got to run around with level 60s the whole time but sadly I was not outfitted with armor or pots at the beginning. Thq quickly fixed the pots they had given me before hand and I was given armor by all sorts of players in game. Anyways the content is a very eye pleasing area and the monsters are majestic, it pains me to have to slaughter them by the thousands, but of course I quickly get over that since the game is just so fun. My favorite place is of course frozen over. This winter wonderland is just beautiful and there is nothing I dislike about it. I found myself dieing many times there because I would get caught up in looking at the scenery and monsters. As I traveled to the end of the Dragonica Universe I would try to see ever place, monster, and boss.

I had loads of fun testing the new continent and was very happy with the treatment I got from THQ*Ice. Perhaps the funnest part of testing was that I have not one but four level 60s which were,to my knowledge, the only ones in the THQ version of Dragonica to have 3rd job skills and be that high of level. I was kinda disappointed that THQ did not give me that many skill points for these characters to get the important skills prier to 3rd job but they did try to give me more skill points later and I never received them, I know they tried to make the experience the best they could for me and because of that I have nothing bad to say about them. There were small bugs here and there like any other game but the game itself and the company are just so great, you can easily see that they do whatever it takes to make a great game for the players.

So to THQ: Thank you for this opportunity and I appreciate all the help you gave me. I'm sorry if I was too needy at times and if I was causing any problems. I am more than willing to test anything in the future for you. THQ don't stop the great experience you give your players and please let me test for you again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dragonica Insider Episode 9- Button button click a button

Jason and Joey talk about how to play with a controller, new ideas, a chance for somebody to become a temporary co-host, and announce the winners of the two contests! Which were Dane and Lupus!