Monday, March 22, 2010

Arrrrg Life be worth Livin'

Jason is not the only one having a good time, even though he got to dress up in Jedi clothes and get some of the force I got to be a pirate. (who are still inferior to ninjas) Now my life has been mostly encompassed with being sick, more sick, some time where I am less sick but still need rest and am instead outside shooting small plastic BB's at all my friends breaking skin and creating large whelps.

Not only that this past month has been the last month I was able to spend with my good friend Robert ( who never played Dragonica past level 23) He is now in Japan living with all the Japanese people.

Now here is the good news, I still can't sing songs.

Just so you know I am the blond guy (sporting contacts!)

**This picture is actually like 2 years old, I just could not combat Jason's awesome Jedi picture so I decided to post with pirates.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Dragonica Insider Fans!

Hey hey! Jason here just giving you an update on things and whats up with the recording schedule. It seems we aren't staying true to the episode per week sooooooooooo this is me saying that recordings will probably happen every other week or every third week.

I actually am starting to have half a life...haha half-life.....anyways there is also not much to report on.

If there is anyone that would like me to do another video appearance to make up for the recording schedule just let me know of an idea for a video and I will see that I get it done in my spare time.

Anyways to give you an inside look on what I did this past is a picture:
Appearing from left to right: Jason (Me), Jessica (My sister), Chris (My sister's husband), and Erica (My sister's best friend).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dragonica Insider Episode 21- I wasn't late no.....

Jason and Danelie talk about the tastiest mission map in Dragonica, give ideas, talk about Drakos weapons, create a new section, and wish that we recorded sooner.