Sunday, May 16, 2010

Games games games!

Games I am looking forward to (mmos at least):
Punch Monster
Dragon Nest
Rusty Hearts

That's all I can think of....


  1. Eh.....boredom is cruel ;_;
    Can't wait for the new patch ^o^

  2. so is 4th job out? and yeah vindictus looks good and i think that dragon nest looked okay. the clue

  3. well i looked at all of them and i have to say rusty hearts (there attacks look slow, but other than that good). c9 ( it looked choppy but i bet that that will be better/ fixed in the actual game). Dragon nest (still not looking forward to). Vindictus ( most anticipated game on this list). punch monster ( maplestory+dragonica= punch monster, in other words way better than maplestory but not as good as dragonica, i hope that this game proves me worng=)) and ya they all look good but i just really want vindictus to come out!

  4. isnt vindictus a nexon game? well i just checked out the iah dragonica news and it said there is going to be a maintenance on wednesday, june 9 well since dragonica isnt working, the service maintenance is a good thing right?

  5. i dont make sense at all after reading my post. but i think a game called runes of magic or another called atlantica online

  6. and we can still do dragonica insider. u guys can do dragonica thqice instead of the iah version! yes?

  7. yo jason if yo read this/ the podcast isn't dead post something! i do not care what it is please post something! =(

  8. yea i kno just do another podcast with thqice in it! or just do a combat arms podcast